Member Agreement

Member Agreement (Japanese)

Individuals who are interested in the services provided by and who have registered as members are required to consent to the following rules in accordance with Global Career Partners Inc., which administers the operations of is a service which assists people in the US with job placement and career changes. The service is offered by Global Career Partners Inc. to provide job placement information over the internet and distribute e-mail concerning job openings. members (gMembersh) are individuals who consent to all the rules described herein and who have registered with

Members shall consent to all rules at the time of registration.  Refusal to register shall be seen as an expression of onefs lack of consent.

Included in the services provided to Members by are the following types of e-mail correspondence.

·           Information from regarding job openings

·           Information on job openings from authorized companies

·           Requests to participate in various types of surveys

Members shall agree in advance to communicate by e-mail, postal mail, telephone, fax, etc. in order for to provide its services. may change its services without prior notice to Members.

Members shall be responsible for their own registered information, and may alter, add or delete information as they choose. Members may also withdraw their membership at will. The procedure for withdrawing one's membership is carried out by contacting

Members shall not engage in the following conduct while using

(1)      Registering false information

(2)      Using the services for commercial purposes that go beyond the objective of personal job placement use

(3)      Infringing on the copyright or intellectual property rights of other Members, third parties or

(4)      Infringing on the property or privacy of other Members, third parties or

(5)      Criminal activity, or behavior that violates public order and standards of decency

(6)      Obstructing or threatening to obstruct the operation of 

In the event that determines that any of its Members have violated these rules, it may terminate the provision of services without prior notice or void the registration information of the offending member.

1.  Personal information
Personal information refers to information pertaining to individual members, and includes name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, name of school where the person attends, and other information by which the identity of an individual can be determined.  Also included in the definition is any other information which on its own does not identify an individual but which may easily be checked against other information to determine an individualfs identity.

2.  Disclosure of personal information to a third party
Personal information that has been registered is not, as a matter of principle, disclosed to third parties.  Disclosure will only be made in the event that the recipient and the specific information to be made available are identified and Members have given consent.  In the following cases, however, registered personal information may be disclosed without the consent of individual Members.

(1)      Your personal details, excluding your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address are held and used by us for the purpose of matching your details with job vacancies, to assist us in finding you the position that most suits you.

(2)      when disclosure of personal information is sought by the agency of a public national or local organization such as the police or a court of law, or by someone so authorized for prosecution of a matter to be determined by law

(3)      when any of the Members has caused hardship to a third party, or there is perceived threat of such and when the third party discloses personal information to various agencies such as law enforcement

(4)      when it is deemed necessary to disclose personal information for the protection of life, health, property or other major interest

3.      Personal information provided to recruiting companies at the time of on-line application
When applying directly to a company through the website, information that has been registered is made available to that company.  Each company manages the personal information that is provided to it for the purpose of communication during the subsequent selection process.  Inquiries may be made directly to the company regarding its handling of personal information.  Companies are prohibited from using the personal information they acquire for purposes other than hiring activities.

4.  Indemnification
Under no circumstances shall bear any responsibility for the acquisition of personal information by a third party in the event of any of the following events.

(1)   when Members by themselves reveal personal information to a specific company through functions or other means

(2)   when by accident it has become possible to identify a person through something that was registered but that is not by itself specifically information that identifies a person

(3)   when a non-member has obtained information (ID, password, etc.) that can identify an individual

5.  Statistics shall have unrestricted use of the personal information that has been provided to it, for the purpose of compiling statistical data in a form by which no individual can be specified or identified.

Under no circumstances shall Global Career Partners Inc. accept any liability be for any damage (mental suffering, interruption of job search activities or any other type of hardship, including monetary losses) caused by membership registration, use, third-party access to information or other conduct, unless it was a case of intention or severe negligence.  Moreover, the obligation to redistribute e-mail due to problems in reading messages as well as the obligation to distribute messages in English due to the lack of software that reads Japanese shall not rest on

Under no circumstances shall bear any liability for damage that may result from causes over which has no control (Acts of God), such as damage from a virus that cannot be prevented by the usual anti-virus measures which takes or from natural calamities, shall bear no responsibility under any circumstances. shall warrant against the loss or alteration of data at due to any of these Acts of God, and maintains that data is the responsibility of each individual.

In the event that any of the Members causes damage to a company, another member,, or to another third party through the use of services or registration, any and all compensation will be the sole responsibility of that member.  Under no circumstances will be held liable. shall be able to change these rules at any time.  The change will be considered to have been approved by all Members when it has been available on the website for one month.

The laws of the State of Washington shall apply in the interpretation of these rules.

Contact office for questions regarding personal information

Global Career Partners Inc.


Tel: 425-990-1519 

These rules take effect March 1, 2006.

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