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Job Number: 0119021
Industry 航空機関連商品の開発
Position Accountant/Auditor/Controller / Admin/Clerical/Secretary / Customer Service
(Bilingual Administrative Staff)
Office & Job Location OfficeLocation : Redmond, WA
JobLocation : Same as above
Employment Term Temporary Full-time / Temporary Part-time
Visa Sponsor No
Salary $16-17/ Hour
Job Description - Answer various inquiries from clients by emails
- Place orders and communicate with Japanese HQ's office
- Arrange shipment
- Coordinating US inspector's schedule
- Assist bookkeeping for data entries and record management
- Other related administrative support when needed 
Qualification - Business Level Japanese and English
- Microsoft Office Proficient
- General understanding of Japanese Business Practice
- A few years in administrative support / office management

Others Flexible working hours

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